Tre Day’s Opinion- It’s Not Cool for School

Picture I know it’s just my opinion, however I don’t think schools should be open to in person learning just yet. Allow me to list my top 3 reasons why:

1.  Kids will be kids.  Mask wearing, staying social distant, washing hands frequently are all great in theory…but I just don’t see our beloved youth following all the rules.  They never do.

2.  The idea the guy in the white house floated about kids being practically immune is a lie.  Kids have not only been proven to contract and spread Covid 19.  Kids have also died as a result of it.

3.  Look at where school has already begun.  States like GA, MS & OK have all been a hot mess.  Why would AR be any different?

I get that kids need school, however I think we should re-imagine it for the time being.  At least til we have a vaccine.  Too many people have already died who wouldn’t have otherwise, if we had better leadership.  Once again, this is just my opinion.


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